Responsive Web Design Trends of 2021

Responsive Web Design Trends of 2021
Responsive Web Design Trends of 2021

With 2021 approaching, it is only wiser to start exploring the impending web design and marketing trends of 2021. Currently, some website designs have a horrendous user experience. These types of internet designs leave you with an unfavorable feeling about the trademark or brand.

Unlike decades ago, today’s online world has become more inundated and substantial. This has given a whole new feeling in terms of user experience. Years back custom web designs were just considered as an added accessory. Presently internet design has become a necessity in terms of a website’s success.

Below are responsive web design trends of 2021 that are making a huge influence in the ever-evolving online world.

1. An Opaque Mode and a Google Web Designs

Currently, a lot of companies are using this version of responsive web designs. It is because of this reason that opaque mode and soft light web design will continue to thrive in 2021. This type of website designs provides its users with a low and distinctive setting that makes it easier to view under soft light background. The responsive designs appears on the very page of a website. This enables the users to adjust easily through the dark and the light versions while browsing through the pages of the here to learn more about soft light Web Design Trends of 2021.

Responsive Web Design Trends of 2021

2. Anecdote and Reciprocal Web Design Trend

The increasing popularity in the type of internet design is proof that it will continue to penetrate the hub of web designs in 2021. Websites that use interactive and responsive features have their customers glued to their page for hours. However, the implementation of this type of web design trend has proved to be exorbitant and time-consuming. Even so, with a lot of automated development procedures mushrooming everywhere chances of the cost being slashed are high. learn more about automated web development at

This web design allows its users to browse and see a visual explanation. The design is not only visually or perceptibly attractive and illuminative, but it also holds the users for long on the website. This in return gives an expansion to the website’s brand awareness.

3. Modern Minimalism Web Design Trend

Modern designs are pleasing to the eye and that why a lot of websites prioritize offering a modest and more streamlined user experience. However, this doesn’t mean that the whole thing should not be more fun. Modern minimalism custom web design allows the site to display more excitement on the brand.

Even so, this design does not contain features that might distract the users from finding more information or reserving an appointment. And it is for this particular reason that Modern Minimalism Web design will find its way to the top in 2021. Moreover, it makes it easy for its users to find the appropriate information on the website.

4. Gradient Colors for Web Design Trend 2021

In 2016 Instagram decided to rebrand using a new gradient logo that was very unique during that error. However, the decision to rebrand or modernize gradients came out very effective. The same idea of Gradients has presently become more popular when in search of new web designs. There are a lot of tools that one can use to create a website that has gradient designs and color palettes. Such tools will make it easier for you to create a distinct design. Expect to see a lot of gradients integrated into the upcoming web designs in 2021


Do not be left behind while web design advances. Take your website design to a whole new level by embracing the designs above.

Why Digital Marketing?

The world of marketing and consumer behaviour has turned on its head in 2020!

Digital marketing is no longer just something that you need to consider planning, budgeting and upskilling for. Things have already changed and so have your customers. The future has arrived.

Digital marketing encapsulates a variety of digital media platforms. Its role is to generate traffic, leads and sales, by targeting prospective customers online.


Consider just four of the benefits of digital marketing to your business:

  1. It allows your company to compete on a level playing field – if you are innovative enough, digital media can help small businesses to compete equally against organisations with much larger budgets
  2. ROI in digital marketing is impressive – online media is much more cost effective than traditional media, because it allows more accurate targeting of advertising and communication
  3. Your target market can be reached wherever they are – there’s no hit and miss. Digital marketing reaches exactly who you want to reach, wherever they may be.
  4. Digital marketing strategies can be analysed – you can measure the effectiveness of every Euro that you spend.

So, investing in web designer Ireland can be the best choice.

Why Digital Marketing?


However, for many the subject can be overwhelming. It involves deciding on the most effective online media mix, how best to use each media platform and most importantly how to measure performance and analyse results.

Deciding on what percentage of your budget to allocate to website design and digital media is another challenge. Media consumption is changing fast, but you cannot throw all of your eggs into one basket.

Marketing involves building brand awareness and loyalty, using a mix of traditional and digital media. Getting the balance correct however, is often a challenge, even for the experts.

Websites can be expensive but are only one element of the overall strategy. Social media and e marketing for instance should not work autonomously but should all serve to drive customers to your website, where they can be converted.

What is clear, is that this is no time to embark on a digital strategy without the help of skilled professionals.

Hello Mailbox Card

I’m having a lot of fun doing Cynthia’s challenge to use Doodlecharms cuts. I decided to use the mailbox and weld the words hello or howdy to the mailbox to make cuts for cards. I have included the cut file with all four font cartridge cuts included. I used Ashlyn’s Alphabet, Old West, George and Plantin Schoolbook. Below are samples of the cuts you will find. I also included a cut to create a 4.25 x 5.5 inch card and the front of card that can be cut in patterned paper if you choose.

Below is a picture of a card using the Ashlyn’s Alpahbet part of the cut file.

Below is a picture of a card using the cut file with the Old West Cartridge.

Example of Cut files using Plantin Schoolbook and George…

Here is the cut file…

Cricut Layout from Indie Art

I created this layout using the Indie Art cartridge. Before this cart, I always had problems figuring out how to do a layout for my grandson who is 13. I have found that this cart is perfect. He loves to play the guitar and skateboard so I thought it reflected his personality a bit.

3 Generations of nuts!!!

My daughter (Tammy) and granddaughter (Erica) came over and my hubby decided he wanted to take some pictures of us together.  The entire time we could not stop laughing cause Erica kept cracking jokes.  I look totally awful in these pictures. We had a great time just goofing off.  The bear tag was designed by me with my Pazzles machine.  I chalked the bears and popped dotted the snouts. As a Merry Christmas to my Pazzles friends I am giving away the cut file for the tag.  Happy Holiday to everyone.

Here is a close up of the 3 Bears Tag
This is a picture of the WPC cut file
Please use for Personal Use Only.  Thank you
WPC file
WPC14 file

Pazzles WPC File … Birthday Purse

My granddaughter turned 16 on November 12 and I decided to make a purse to put her gifts in. Jen C. from the Cricut board had one on her blog for the Cricut and I decided to create the purse as 24 inch with my Pazzles. Well… I created the file and did not have sturdy enough paper to actually work well with that size so I recreated as a 9″ purse. Below you will find pictures of the purse and the WPC file for both sizes.

If you are looking for beautiful Cut files that will work with your Cricut machine, visit Jen C’s blog. She is amazingly talented and her blog is awesome.

Here is a picture of the front of the purse…

Here is the inside of the purse… I loaded the paper upside down on the mat in order to have it fit perfectly.

Here is a picture and a link to the 9″ WPC file. Please only use for personal use. Thanks.

9 in purse WPC file:

Here is a picture and link to the 24″ WPC file. Please only use for personal use. Thanks.24 inch purse WPC file:

Mug Cup Card with Cut Files

First off… HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!! My sweet hubby got me a huge box of chocolates that he said I could eat while pondering in my scrap room. He said whenever he walks by my room it looks like I am in deep thought. He said he figured I was trying to figure out what it is I’m trying to accomplish. LOL!!! He does know me well.

I made a couple of cards to send to Capadia’s neighbor’s children who experienced a fire in their home. I added a packet of Hot Chocolate in each card. If you would like to send a card, please visit Capadia’s site and go down toward the end of the page to find the info…

I created this card in the following formats: WPC, WPC14, MTC, SVG (2 files), and SCUT2. For some reason when I exported the SVG file from MTC it does not export both items in the file so there are two files for the card if you use the SVG format.

Here is a picture of the cut file.. Here are the cut files…

Make the Cut
SVG Front


I have seen the Rosettes made with the Tim Holtz die and really liked them.  I did not like that they were so large and not resizable. I found a tutorial of how to make a similar Rosette and decided I could do this with my Pazzles machine.  I used the scissors feature that is included in the Pazzles program to create different looks for the rosettes.  The main thing I like is that they are resizable.  I am including the link for the video tutorial and the WPC and WPC14 files here if you want them.  The video will show you how to put the rosette together once cut.

Here is a picture where I was messing around wtih the file using scrap papers.

This is a picture of one of the rosettes using the straight edge.

This is a picture of one of the rosettes using the zig zag type edge scissor cut.
 This is a picture of one of the rosettes using the scallop type edge scissor cut.

Here is a picture of the WPC file…

Here is the WPC File

Here is the WPC14 File

Have a Sunshine Day card

Today on the Cricut Board there was a challenge from Cynthia to create something only using cuts from Doodlecharms. As I have never used my Doodlecharms cartridge, I thought it would be fun to do this challenge. We could use any other cartridge for the font so I used Base Camp. I welded the words to the Sun using the Shadow feature. I then cut the sun and letters in regular size and pieced together. I thought it would make a cute and happy card. The pattern paper is also cut from Doodlecharms.

If you would like the cut file, the link is below the picture.

Cut file is here…

Accordion Fold Christmas Card

Someone from the Cricut Message Board posted a link to directions for doing an accordion type card. I loved the concept so decided to use my new Christmas Solutions cartridge and create the card. Here is a link for the directions.

Here are pictures of my card… It was really fun to do. Love this new cartridge.

Here is an side view of the card. The card is 5 inches wide; therefore, the cuts are small. This one fits in an envelope that I had on hand that is 4.25 x 5.50.

Thanks for looking.

I have had a couple of emails regarding the folding and size of the Accordion folded card posted at the following link.

I have created a CUT file template in both Plantin Schoolbook and George that may help.

Here is the picture of the CUT file.

Here is the Cut file for the Accordion Card with both the George and the Plantin Schoolbook files.